About Me

Whether it’s writing non-fiction or fiction, Daniel dedicates his life to writing and constantly searches for unique ways to bring out his artistic values. Challenging his creativity is something Daniel strives for in every project he lays his hands on.

“Bruised by life; Praised for my success.”

Daniel’s beginnings have allowed him to always stay hungry regardless of his accomplishments. Coming from nothing has pushed Daniel to continuously fight for what he believes in whether it’s through writing or in his life. He’s become fearless through the years of failures and continues to surpass the expectations once placed on him by society.

“One day, he chose to do better and be better.” #TheKidFromNothing

Daniel manages to pour his heart out through writing by using the pain he once suffered, as a driving force of motivation. Nothing will stop Daniel from trying to become the best Author who ever lived. His determination and dedication to the craft is beyond measures and every day he searches for ways to improve his writing in all aspects.

“The road to success is paved with determination and raw emotion.”

Daniel is an all around artist. When he writes, his words pierce through the hearts of many. Daniel’s eloquent writing allows people to read his art, and find a little piece of themselves through his words. Without a writing background, Daniel, manages to motivate and inspire individuals to always strive for more in life.
Regardless of the cards dealt, Daniel finds his own unique way to play his hand, stand out, and find his own path.