The Kid from Nothing

The Kid from Nothing
Genres: Creative, Memoir, Non-Fiction
Publication Year: 2015
The Kid from Nothing is the most gut-wrenching, soul-searching personal account of triumph you’ll ever read. Daniel was born a statistic by societal standards. He had nothing, a cast away as far as the ‘real world’ was concerned, yet unlike so many of those around him, he was able to make something from nothing.

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    The Kid from Nothing isn’t your average rags to riches story.

    Born into a life of despair, Daniel lived, breathed, absorbed pain, darkness and sorrow. But, unlike so many others who let tragedy destroy them and their future, Daniel rose up, determined to do better and be better.

    Using his faith as a guiding light, Daniel moved forward, ignoring the statistics and the naysayers, choosing instead to believe that the world had more to offer him.

    With raw emotion, deep-seated pain and nothing more than a speck of hope and a desire to succeed, Daniel set out on a journey like no other, trudging through the detritus that was his life and built a new path. A path to a life young men and women like him could never dream possible, but Daniel truly believed would come to fruition.

    Witness this amazing story, walk the path that Daniel walked and rejoice in his triumphs. His journey will inspire and amaze you and speak to your soul, proving that heart, grit and determination can lead to success.

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