Tips on Learning to Shift your Focus | Guest Post

A few weeks ago I talked about shifting your focus. In that post I discussed ways to drop the luggage of life that holds you down. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of shifting your focus and a few ways to do so. What do I mean by shifting your focus? That means to stop letting the negative situations consume your mind. There’s no lack of studies or publications on the importance of positive thinking.

Have you ever thought or said what you don’t want to be like only to find yourself doing exactly what you said you’d never do? The reason for this is you’ve been so busy looking down at what you don’t want that you are missing the signs of ways to get what you do want. Here are some ways to help you start shifting your focus so you can manifest the positive things that you want and deserve in your life.

  • Observe in passing- I don’t expect you to put blinders on and never see or feel anything negative again in your life but don’t gawk at it either. Be a passing observer without letting it penetrate you or consume your thoughts.
  • Acknowledge, accept and release the negative– Just as this step says, acknowledge whatever the situation is. Accept your current feelings about that situation. Release the negative emotions or situation itself. This isn’t easy and may not happen at once. Dedicate a few moments each day with the intention of releasing it more and more each time so that you can heal your relationship with the situation and move on.
  • Focus on your positive intentions- When your mind begins to gravitate towards something negative, catch yourself and gently guide your thoughts to finding something positive. It could be a lesson in the situation, or just the polar opposite of what you are currently thinking or feeling.
  • Positive affirmations- This is a very powerful way to transform your thought patterns. Whether a thought, a note to yourself or a mantra you say out loud, always state your intentions and expectations in a positive way. Instead of “I hope they don’t discard me from the hiring process” say to yourself “I believe I’m going to get a callback with good news after this interview“.
  • Be gentle on yourself- It might take some time, but every time you focus on a positive aspect it’s a step closer to shifting your focus. Relish in the progress and you’ll find it will come easier each time.

sea-nature-sunny-beach-large1These are just some examples of ways that you can shift your thoughts and focus on the positive aspects in situations. The more often you intentionally shift your focus, the easier it becomes. Start with small things and it will be easier to remain positive during challenges. Do you have any tips or experiences you’d like to share? Any ways you’ve found that have helped you shift your focus and become a more positive thinker?

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